We are Resilient | OSLOFF 2020

Client: Human Rights Foundation (Oslo Freedom Forum 2020)

Produced in: September 2020

Each year, the Oslo Freedom Forum community gathers in Norway to witness powerful stories from some of the world’s most innovative human rights defenders and advocates. But exceptional times call for exceptional measures. This year, the Oslo Freedom Forum had to do completely virtual. We reworked this year’s theme and make the virtual conference a hit. We can proudly say we were part of Resilience 2020 amidst the pandemic.

2020 Theme Resilience

The political and health crises of the past six months have reminded us all how authoritarians use human tragedy to advance their own agendas. Corrupt regimes around the world have exploited the COVID-19 pandemic to tighten restrictions on free speech, arrest peaceful protesters, and silence activists. The courage and determination of activists and citizens alike have been tested, yet they remain resilient in the face of tyranny. Resilience is the essential attribute of today and the future.

Oslo Freedom Forum | A Human Rights Foundation event series that brings people together to expand freedom and unleash human potential.

We’re bringing the main stage experience directly to you as we gather to witness these activists sharing their personal stories with the world.

Uyghur journalist Gulchehra Hoja has not been able to return to Xinjiang Province to visit her family in nearly 20 years.

Ahmed Albasheer is an Iraqi comedian and political satirist. He is the host of The Albasheer Show, a weekly political satire program that humorizes Iraqi politics.

In November 2019, protests broke out against the dictatorship in Iran. The response of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s dictatorship was a brutal crackdown.

HRF created the Oslo Freedom Forum to bring the fight for freedom to the forefront of the global agenda. Each year, the event showcases the testimonies of individuals who have risked their lives for freedom. With a focus on civil and political rights, this annual gathering exemplifies the resilience and nobility of the human spirit.

Creative Lead

Doug Burnett

Creative Team

Art Director: Shivani Shah


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