Flush - Earth Day Campaign

Client: Cloud Paper

Produced on: 13th April 2021


Ashton Kutcher

“A direct hit at Toilet paper industry giants and their use of old-growth forests.”

“Flush is Thank-fully, completely fake.”

If everyone switched to bamboo TP, it would literally save billions of trees from the chopping block. So, we did something crazy!!!!!

On April 13th,2021 we launched a fake brand of toilet paper: FLUSH PAPER

A Fake Founder + Fake Products + Fake Office

What the founder had to say about the founding of the idea.

And people hated us…

We got attention from Robert Downy Jr. & the team. Woot!

And on 21st April, a day before Earth day we did this: The BIG REVEAL

Creative Lead

Doug Burnett

Creative Team

Art Director: Shivani Shah


Social Cause, Social Media Management, Digital Activation, Growth Hacking

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